With the proven method that we offer you will speak, read and be able to understand the native speach.


With Speak Russian Fast you will master the language five times faster at the expense of “dead” time – in the car, at the gym, while walking, etc.


You only need headphones and a player. You will be engaged independently – without strict memorisation and heavy textbooks, only a light reference PDF for each podcast.

Speak Russian Fast | Beginners

Beginners Speak Russian Fast has become a "hit” among those new to learning Russian...

Speak Russian Fast | Intermediate

Intermediate Speak Russian Fast is for those who have some base but have difficulty...

Speak Russian Fast | Advanced

Advanced Speak Russian Fast for those who do not have enough "tourist" level skills...

Premium Speak Russian Fast | All-In-One

Premium Speak Russian Fast is our complete package. It's an opportunity to get All-In-One.

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90 Russian Audio Podcasts | Nearly 1000 pages packed with the transcripts, grammar, and slang. Speak Russian Fast comes in three different levels. You can listen and try some of them out right here, on your mobile or a player. For your full learning get ALL; the podcasts and their transcript PDF files, the grammar and references packed with COOL Russian idioms, and slang that textbooks don't teach you.

Speak Russian Fast | Beginners

It has become a "hit” among those new to learning Russian – it has been developed to give an excellent base of understanding and speaking the language. It is also suitable for a lower intermediate level.

Speak Russian Fast | Intermediate

it has been developed for those who have a base of Russian but have difficulty of understanding and speaking. The assimilation period is 4 – 6 months.

Speak Russian Fast | Advanced

The advanced course has been developed for those who do not have enough "tourist" level skills. It is aimed at automating all the grammatical structures and tenses used in the spoken Russian of native speakers.

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You may already have very good reasons why you want to learn Russian and you probably know all the obvious reasons why: Speak Russian Fast has been developed to get you speaking and understanding real Russian in the shortest time possible. Unlike many other podcasts and courses, Speak Russian Fast is to the point, fun to learn, and is all about the everyday spoken language, it teaches you a lot of idiomatic expressions and slang that textbooks don’t teach you, and much much more.

– get inspired while driving or...

Speak Russian Fast was written and developed by Olga and Vitali in collaboration with other experts. Designed by VG Design.

You Can Learn Anywhere, Anytime — At Home, In the Car or at the Gym, just take your language lessons anywhere! Put your “wasted” time to use and learn the language daily with a quick 3 to 15-minute session.

What our audience says

I studied Russian at the University of Surrey in Guildford a while ago. The Speak Russian Fast and its great podcasts allowed me to get it back to the level I used to have. Also I've learned so many new things. I'm very grateful for that. Cheers!

Claire Robinson

Newcastle, UK

At first I didn't enjoy it, because I didn’t follow the advice to learn the Russian alphabet. After learning it, it all made perfect sense. I made progress very quickly before my World Cup trip to Russia.

Bram Van Dijk

Rotterdam, Netherlands

I work in the trade industry with Russia, therefore often travel to Russia. I studied Russian business language course, but I couldn't understand much of the conversation of the Russian colleagues. Finding and assimilating this course really helped me. At the moment, I am in the middle of the Intermediate level and I understand most of what people say now. I'm very happy

Li Wei Zhao

Shanghai, China

I really like learning this way! You listen, you repeat - and one day the words and phrases just stay in your head. Before that, I had been studying on and off, and trying different courses for almost two years, couldn't speak at all. Now, after listening to the podcasts I speak Russian, I also understood my mistakes in pronunciation and grammar. Thanks a lot!

Gavin Hill

New York, USA


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